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Western & Central Melbourne Integrated Cancer Service (WCMICS) is supported by the Victorian Government
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Meet The Team

Jeff Szer


Professor Szer is the Director of the Western and Central Melbourne Integrated Cancer Service.

Amongst his many achievements, he is also a member of the Medical and Scientific Advisory Group of Myeloma Australia and President of the Worldwide Network for Blood and Marrow Transplantation.

Alexandra Doherty

Governance & Risk Manager

Alex is the Governance & Risk Manager. She is largely focused on the governance portfolio. 


Alex has over 16 years experience working in management / project roles within government and health service settings in Australia and London.

Dilu Rupassara

Project Lead - Optimal Care Pathways

Dilu is the Optimal Care Pathway Lead and is responsible for state-wide adoption of the Optimal Care Pathways (OCPs) and responsible for overall strategic direction for the OCP transformation programs.

Dilu has extensive working experience with multinational companies and universities both in the UK and in Australia.

Abi McBride

Data and Information Lead

Abi is the Data & Information lead responsible for analysing data and reporting across WCMICS.


Abi is an experienced Business & Systems Analyst who has worked in a number of industries including healthcare, telecommunications and local government. 

Chris Caudle

Project Manager
(Metropolitan/Regional Engagement)

​Chris Caudle is the project manager for the collaborative work between LMICS and WCMICS.


Chris has a wealth of experience in the Education and Health sectors, particularly in area of health system planning and service improvement.

Kathy Quade

Head of WCMICS

Kathy is the head of WCMICS and is responsible for providing operational leadership and strategic directions to the team.

​Kathy is a registered health professional and has extensive operational, strategic and project management experience in the health industry. 

Michael Barton

Quality & Performance Manager

Michael  is the quality and performance manager and oversees the WCMICS Funding Program, clinical audit work and consumer partnerships. 


Michael was in several roles for the Victorian Cancer Registry before returning to the UK to gain experience in healthcare quality improvement in the National Health Service. 

Sylvia Yeo

Communications & Engagement Lead

Sylvia is responsible for developing and delivering comprehensive communication and engagement strategies to inform and empower the diverse and disperse communities and stakeholders.

​Sylvia brings experience in communication events and campaigns and specializes in stakeholder activation and engagement. 

Tara Gannon

Project Officer - Optimal Care Pathways

Tara is the Project Officer working on the Optimal Care Pathways (OCP) project and implementing OCP solutions across hospitals.

Tara brings healthcare experience working and navigating the healthcare system as a Clinical Dietitian across hospitals in Melbourne, Sydney and London. 

Trish Calder

Project Manager(Metropolitan/Regional Engagement)

Trish Calder is the project manager for the collaborative work between LMICS and WCMICS. 


Trish is an experienced Oncology nurse who has experiences in both private and public health sectors over the last 19 years in Victoria and Queensland.