As someone who has been affected by cancer, the opportunity to be a voice and add value to current cancer treatment and experience... allowing them to understand our journey and using them to improve.  Great thing are always done by a team of people working together, and one I am proud to say I am part of.


- consumer representative

Becoming a consumer representative

Improving outcomes, experience and the delivery of cancer care is important to us. Whether you are a cancer patient, carer, families or friends of someone suffering from cancer, your knowledge, skills and experiences with cancer will help us do better.


As our consumer representative, you will provide important information and perspectives on cancer care in our region.

Examples of activities our consumers representatives take part in include:

  • participating in cancer project team

  • Being part of a steering committee 

  • attending focus groups or completing patient surveys

  • reviewing funding applications for new projects

  • reviewing patient information such as brochures or internet resources

The role is voluntary and you will be able to vary your involvement according to your level of interest and availability as well as methods for participating either through face-to-face, by telephone, post or email.

Expenses such as car parking, childcare and/or travel costs will be covered by us and we will have ongoing support from us.

There will also be external development & training opportunities.

If you are interested to join the WCMICS Consumer Partnerships Group , call on (03) 8559 9062 or alternatively email us using the button below.

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