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Covid 19

The health, safety and well-being of our community members is very important to us. 

If you need further information on Coronavirus, please follow this link for the Victorian Department of Health & Human Services: 

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Is it ok to go to the hospital or see your doctor? 


Health services have implemented measures to ensure patients with cancer receive safe cancer care. Find out more for a series of videos developed by the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre on their YouTube channel.

My Cancer Diagnosis Explained
– now available

The My Cancer Diagnosis Explained (MCDE) summary is a resource that you can use to provide patients and their carers, individualised written information at the time a patient is first told of their cancer diagnosis.

The MCDE summary supports the ‘diagnosis and next steps’ conversation with patients by:

  • helping clinicians to deliver specific information about the cancer diagnosis

  • enabling effective communication that meets each patient’s needs

  • linking the patient to information and services that can help them

  • ensuring the patient is informed and can therefore be actively engaged in decisions about their health

  • providing the patient with take-home information they can refer to and reflect on after the consultation.​


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